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Solid Surfaces


Quartz is a man-made engineered stone surface composed of natural stone and resins, polymers and pigments. 

Quartz is by far our most popular countertop surface option due to its beauty, durability and ease of maintenance.  

Quartz does not need to be sealed like natural stone does because of its impervious nature.  While it is very scratch resistant, it can be damaged by excessive heat. 


Natural stones, such as granite and marble, are often used for countertops due to their natural beauty and strength. Not all natural stones are created equal - while granite is very strong and durable, marble is a softer stone and may not be ideal for all applications. 

Natural stones require periodic maintenance - it's important to re-seal your natural stone according to the type of stone and frequency of use. 


Porcelain, or porcelain and stone blended solid surfaces, are an emerging technology for countertops and are gaining popularity for a variety of applications.  


Because porcelain countertops are fired at such a high temperature, they are very heat resistant, as well as scratch and abrasion resistant.

While the main color of the porcelain is through-body, any pattern added is only on the surface. 

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